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Created Dec 2023 / Jan 2024

I’ve just built 2 new Returns reports which I think work very well. One that looks for everything in the shop received 3-12 months ago (Gardners parameters I think) and one 0-15 months (publisher params) that hasn’t sold in 3 months or at all and was published more than 3 months ago (I included things with no Pub date too as these might exist in your data). The Dates are automatic so you don’t have to enter them,

You can specify category numbers and cover (P,H or O) or not and it will display in Category then Author Surname order and it can be output in ISBN list format. I think it will do the job pretty well.

Leanne Prints this report off then goes and picks them (or sends a minion) then scans them into a return, But the ISBN list option is for people who might want to work a different way.

I included in the zip file the 2023 Christmas one too just for anyone trying to do all 3.

I also included an older one that tries to find any Hardbacks you have in your shop with the same title as a paperback. Of course this finds a lot of classics and will miss titles where the publisher has used a different name like “The New York Times Bestseller”

As always, download, unzip, place in your reports folder on the Server (c:/bertramsbertline 401/reports)