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This set of reports was designed by the White Horse Bookshop. Thanks to them for giving me permission to share.

You will need to open this zip file and copy the contents to your c:\bertrams\bertline 401\Reports folder.

Each report focuses on a specific supplier code. Your supplier code may very well be different to their so you will need to do the following to make it work for your shop.

Make a note of the supplier code of the supplier you want to use. Backoffice/Maintenance/Suppliers

Go to Batchline/back office/reports/custom reports. Click on the report you need to amend and select “Designer”

In Designer click on the Data Tab then click on the Magnifying glass icon (you may need to scroll up to see it)

In the Criteria section you will see a line that says Stockhistory.suppliercode = HACH (depending on which report you opened) – If your supplier code for Hachette is something else, like HAC, change it.

There is another section called Calcs. These reports give suggested returns for anything 3-6 months old, if you want to change that to 3-12 months then you need to go into Calcs and change

dateadd(month,-6,current_date) to dateadd(month,-12,current_date)

Click OK

Go back to the designer tab and go to File/Save and save it

You don’t have to worry about messing anything up for anyone else, your copies of these reports are yours.




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