What can I help you with? I won’t know until we’ve spoken and I won’t try to help you if I don’t think I can add value. Also please note I am currently under contract to 2 book industry companies so a lot of what I can do below will be available for free under those contracts.

Where I seem to have been able to carve out my own little niche in the book industry is my ability to make technology more accessible to booksellers without falling into the familiar trap of assuming your own levels and considering my own knowledge of IT supersedes your own experience of bookselling and/or any other background you may have. We all have something we are good at and for me, it’s working out how bookselling can use technology to ENHANCE and not REPLACE your own expertise.

I have decided to break down my experience into the following areas

IT Services

  • PC, EPOS, Network and CCTV hardware repair and replacements
  • Database design
  • MS Office inc Expert Excel training

Bookseller Services

  • New Book shop advice:
    • Opening stock recommendations
    • Stock Control
    • Hardware and software
    • Industry insight
    • Onsite training in our own bookshop
    • Batch, Pubeasy, Nielsen, Edelweiss, Wholesalers, Publishers, Social Media, Credit Cards, Book Tokens
    • Advice on shop counters, shelving, layout
  • Stock Takes
  • Training Days

Website development and integration

  • WordPress / Woocommerce sites (from £500)
  • Further WordPress development after go live (£30 per hour)
  • Site maintenance after go live from (£30 per month – covers updates to WordPress Core and WordPress Plugins)
  • Hosting (from £10 per month)

I have 11 years experience providing technical support on stock control and till systems for over 250 of the finest independent bookshops in the UK, Ireland, Europe and the rest of the world. This included a new bookshop service that would assist new book shop owners from conception to opening day and beyond. I have been present at the opening day of well over 50 new bookshops in the UK and Europe in the last 4 years, making sure that the day goes smoothly. Something I am incredibly proud of.