Just a space for my lovely (really, LOVELY, just so nice) customers to say what they think… of course only the nice ones will get published!

1 thought on “Testimonials

  1. John Sandoe (Books) Ltd is an independent bookshop in Chelsea, London. We have about 30,000 books of which about 27,000 are individual titles. Our stock is fiddly to manage and we have been ably supported over the years by the team at Bertrams technical support, Bertline. For many years, Dan Fridd was an integral part of that and we were extremely grateful to him on may occasions for his swift and expert help. In Jan 2020, he came to coordinate our annual stocktake: his skill, patience and humour – and quick understanding of what we needed – was really remarkable. When the Coronoavirus pandemic kicked in, I approached him to see if he could help us get our stock onto our website. He was completely positive: yes, we can do this. Easy…. And if there are problems (which there are bound to be) then there will be a way round them. He is perfectly placed to help because he understands the technical aspects (having helped develop Bertline himself) and I also feel that he understands our shop, and what we’re trying to achieve. He is quick, clever, fun to deal with; not a time waster; ready with brilliant suggestions; a provider of solutions. I couldn’t say whether or not he’s actually an angel, but he’s definitely on their side.

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